28 May, 2024
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Zhytomyr mayor on possible invasion of Belarus: we have something to meet them with

  • 21 March, 2022 16:38

The General Staff of the armed forces of Ukraine reports a high threat of an attack on Ukraine from Belarus. The mayor of Zhytomyr hopes that Alexander Lukashenko will not dare to take such a step.

Despite this, there is a lot of evidence that the Belarusian army is being prepared for an offensive. Sergiy Sukhomlyn said this on the 24 channel's air.

"In recent days, they (Belarusians - ED.) have been redrawing equipment, putting red squares on it"- the mayor said.

There is hope that Lukashenko will not dare

He believes that the corresponding step for the self-proclaimed Belarusian president would be suicide. That's why we hope that Lukashenko will not dare.

"I don't really believe in Belarusian troops. Understanding their mood, it will definitely not be an effective army if it crosses the border with Ukraine." Sukhomlyn added.

At the same time, the mayor noted that Zhytomyr is ready for a possible invasion.

"We built defensive structures, fortified areas in the city. Then around the city as well. Now it is already dozens of kilometers from the city. We help our military, all the equipment of municipal enterprises builds these protective fortified areas... We have something to meet them with, they don't have a fighting spirit... I think we have all the roads already, all communications have long been targeted by our artillery, so after the first volleys, the situation may change and this may accelerate the collapse of dictator Lukashenko," Sergiy Sukhomlyn said.


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