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  • "Ukrainians demonstrate real heroism". President's address on the second morning of a large-scale war

"Ukrainians demonstrate real heroism". President's address on the second morning of a large-scale war

  • 25 February, 2022 8:05

It is the second day in Ukraine since the beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion. On the first day, military operations affected 17 regions of Ukraine. At least 137 Ukrainians were killed, including military and civilians, 316 people were injured, and many civilian objects were damaged.

We estimate enemy losses as close to 800 people killed.

On the morning of February 25, President Volodymyr Zelensky recorded a morning address to Ukrainians. news.liga.net informs.

"The second morning of a large-scale war. At four o'clock, Russian forces continued to launch missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine.

They say that civilian objects are supposedly not a target for them. But this is another of their lies. In fact, they don't distinguish between which areas to operate in.

As yesterday, the military and civilians are equally under Russian attack. The purpose of this attack is to put pressure on society. I emphasize: not just on the authorities, but on all Ukrainians. And even more today than yesterday.

Our guys - all defenders of Ukraine – did not allow the enemy to implement the operational plan of the invasion on the first day. Ukrainians demonstrate real heroism. The enemy was stopped
in most directions.

Therefore, the Russian attack continues in the expectation that our forces will get tired. But no one is.

The Air Defense Forces of Ukraine protect our sky. As much as possible. Enemy aircraft are operating viciously over residential areas in the capital, particularly.

Morning terrible explosions in the Kyiv sky, bombing, hitting a residential building, fire – all this things resemble the first such attack on our capital, which took place in 1941.

This morning we are defending our state alone, just like yesterday. The most powerful forces in the world are watching from afar.

Did yesterday's sanctions convince Russia? We hear from our sky and see on our own land that this is not enough. Alien troops are still trying to become more active on our territory.

Only the solidarity and determination of Ukrainians can preserve our freedom and protect the state. The Army, Border Guards, National Guard, police, reconnaissance, Territorial Defense Forces perform their tasks as best as they can.

It is very important that today our people also demonstrate maximum self-control and mutual support. Take care of your family and friends, but don't forget about the people around you. Those who are single, those who are older. Help with groceries. Help find shelter when an Air Alert is on. Help them to find verified official information.

Stop the enemy wherever you notice them. The fate of Ukraine depends only on the Ukrainians. No one but ourselves will manage our lives. We are on our own land, we are on the side of truth. They will have no chance to destroy our character. "Kalibr" missiles are helpless against freedom.

Russia must still talk to us. Talk about how to end the fighting and stop this invasion. The sooner the conversation starts, the smaller the losses of Russia itself will be.

As I said, they started bombing residential areas last night. It all reminds me of 1941. Citizens of the Russian Federation who come out to protest – we see you. Which means you heard us. That means you believe us. Fight for us. Fight against war.

We defend ourselves! We don't stop! Glory To Ukraine!"


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