28 May, 2024
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Korosten is preparing for a possible invasion of Belarusian troops

  • 25 March, 2022 17:42

The city of Korosten is preparing for a possible invasion by Belarusian troops. In particular, fortifications are being built.

The mayor of Korosten Volodymyr Moskalenko said about this in a video message

"Today there is a question of defending our city, so we are strengthening. There are roadblocks and trenches, but residents of the city should not panic because of this. The problem from Belarus, the problem of the offensive of Belarusian troops or from the side (of Belarus – ed.) has not been removed in any way. We must strengthen the defense of our city," Moskalenko said. 

The mayor of Korosten added that almost everyone, who had a desire to leave, was able to.

We recall that Korosten was hit several times under airstrikes by Russian occupiers. Also Korosten district is being shelled regularly. 


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