28 May, 2024
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Russian troops shelled two peaceful villages in Zhytomyr region

  • 18 March, 2022 10:12

During the day of March 17 and at night on March 18, Russian invaders shelled two peaceful villages in the Korosten district. Rescuers worked at the site of enemy attacks.

"On March 17 in the village of Yablunivka, Korosten district, 2 private residential buildings were destroyed and 2 more buildings were damaged as a result of artillery shelling. To extinguish the fire and conduct search and rescue operations, 1 unit of equipment and 6 personnel were involved.", -  the Main Department of the state emergency service of Ukraine in Zhytomyr region reported.

There were no killed or injured.

On the night of March 18 in the village of Zalissya Korosten district the enemy damaged a residential building and an outbuilding in two private yards. Another outbuilding was destroyed as a result of shelling, followed by a fire. 

"1 unit of equipment and 6 personnel were involved in extinguishing the fire and conducting search and rescue operations.",- informs the State Emergency Service.

Fortunately, no one was injured either.


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